10 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy serial killer

Right now, everyone is seemingly obsessed with serial killer Ted Bundy. The world has always had a fascination with serial killers but right now the trending topic focuses all around Mr. Bundy. Netflix likely started cashing on Bundy because this year is the 30th anniversary of his execution.

So what started the journey into depravity for viewers? The wildfire definitely took root with the Netflix docu-series Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes. Once the series aired on Netflix fans devoured it and were left craving more. Social media erupted with all things Bundy and the audience seemingly can’t get enough. And we only see the hype getting bigger one Zac Efron’s Ted Bundy movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile finds its way to Netflix as well.

Author’s note: Before we begin, we would like to note that we chose to “hide” some of Ted’s crimes such as necr*philia and r*pe. They are known facts about the killer and they can be disturbing to some readers so we chose not to list them. It is not our intention to downplay the evils of this man but rather to protect our readers. We have also chosen not to include some of the more graphic images related to Ted.

So let’s journey down the rabbit hole together shall we?

Not so humble beginnings

Tod Bundy humble beginnings

1974 is the year that the worlds of Washington and Oregon began to fall apart. Female college students were disappearing at an alarming rate (1 per month) leaving the areas in full panic mode. Women were afraid to leave their homes and even more so afraid to go to the universities. Suddenly in 1975 the killings stopped and the two states could finally take a breath. Then the same eerie pattern resumed in Utah leaving the state in fear. Ted Bundy’s inner demon had reawakened and was hungry for a change of scenery.

So how exactly did Ted Bundy commit all of his crimes? Well for starters, he has two faces: a charming, handsome, charismatic person while the other demonic side hides in the shadows until it’s summoned. Bundy had no issues charming women into his cars or home before unleashing evil upon them.The official court of his murders maintains that Bundy killed around 30 women (and that’s how many the killer estimates he killed himself), but others think the number is much, much higher. Eventually, Ted was caught and managed to evade the death sentence for a number of years. January 24, 1989 Ted’s crimes caught up to him and he was executed via the electric chair.

1. Ted Bundy’s execution turned into a wild party outside

Perhaps as equally disturbing as the electric chair were the hordes of people gathered outside of the prison walls celebrating the death of Ted Bundy. The party began around 6 in the morning while Bundy was being prepped (powering up Old Sparky and shaving Ted’s head) for death. In our opinion, it feels very primitive and is reminiscent of the public execution and coliseum days.

There was a crowd of over 500 people wearing t-shirts and holding signs with messages to Bundy, people selling Old Sparky pins, drinking and just having a good time celebrating the pending death of the notorious killer. All over you could see signs that read, “Tuesday is Fryday” and “Burn Bundy Burn” for as far as the eye could see. Men and women of all ages and diversities gathered to celebrate the death of Bundy.

After his death was confirmed the crowd erupted into singing and banging frying pans while fireworks popped in the distance. People cheered and pumped their fists in the air as the hearse bearing Ted’s body left the prison.

2. “He built a family on death row”

built a family

When we first watched the docu-series, the part about Ted Bundy fathering a daughter caught us completely off guard. We had been ready for Ted’s courtroom antics where he asked Carole Ann Boone to marry him but we were shocked when we learned the marriage resulted in the birth of a little girl.

Conjugal visits weren’t a thing when Mr. Bundy was in prison and even if they were we highly doubt the court would have granted him such privileges. Carole maintains that they became friendly with the guards who would allow the two to enjoy some private time. “They walked in on us a few times,” Carole joked. But why didn’t he kill her like the others? Well, she wasn’t his victim “type”.

Not much is known about Rose Bundy and it’s probably for the best. We do know that shortly after Rose’s death Carole filed for a divorce from Bundy and the mother and daughter went into hiding. We hope she remains as distanced from her father’s memory and out of the spotlight as possible. We also hope the same for Carole.

3. He had a type

Ted Bundy type

It’s really not all that surprising that Ted Bundy had a type; after all, most serial killers do. However, Bundy’s victims all look eerily similar; he didn’t settle for “partially his type.” But why this particular face structure, hair color/style, and university type for Bundy? Well, that obsession began with his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Brooks.

Stephanie was a rich, smart girl who hailed from an accomplished family and attended university. She was captivated by Ted, but felt like he was going nowhere fast so she ended the relationship so as not to be held back. Obviously, this didn’t go over well with Ted. He was devastated and became obsessed with “possessing” Stephanie.

Ted admitted that it was all about control and possession and he began to single out women who looked like Stephanie and possessed similar traits. So in other words, women with dark hair parted in the middle who attended universities were Ted’s preferred type. And he was on a mission to own them in the way that he wished he could own Stephanie.

4. Ted Bundy didn’t kill everyone he was intimate with

Ted Bundy hot

Possible TMI warning! When interviewed, Ted Bundy admitted to liking women and the fact that they liked him. He had girlfriends and plenty of sex. Bundy had no problems finding a willing partner to share his bed and every morning, he let the women go. They were none the wiser to the fact that they had just been with a serial killer.

But his victims weren’t people that he knew; they were strangers that he picked out of a crowd. He cased them to make sure that they were similar enough to Stephanie in order to fulfill his dark desires. This led Ted to stalk campus grounds and areas where college girls frequented.

For Ted, the murders weren’t about lust or killing; it was about him having the power of life or death over a chosen victim. Bundy stated, “It becomes possession. They are a part of you.” For him the murders were a symbolic macabre soul marriage. In this unholy union, the victim and killer became one. This earned his victims the uncharitable nickname of “Bundy’s Brides.”

5. He assisted police in capturing Gary Ridgway

assisted police

Ted Bundy was instrumental in helping police catch the Green River Killer who topped Bundy in number of kills. In 1984 two members of the task force assigned to the Green River Killer’s case were lead to Ted Bundy. Robert Keppel and Dave Reichert found Bundy to be an incredible asset to cracking the case.

Bundy was able to give the pair insights into the killer’s lifestyle and habits. He told them that all killers return to the dumpsites of their bodies. It’s a sacred place where they come to reflect on the murder and spend time with the body. He suggested that if the find a fresh grave they stake it out rather than disturb it and alert the media.

Turns out, Bundy was right and the police were able to gather evidence from the fresh grave to use to convict Gary Ridgway in 2001.

Author’s note: We have refrained from including some unsavory details regarding the Green River Killer’s habits. Again, this is not to downplay the severity of Ridgway’s crimes but rather to protect our readers. You can find out more about Ted Bundy’s assistance through Google if you want to learn more.

6. Bundy escaped prison… Twice

Bundy escaped prison

Not to underplay the severity of the case and Ted Bundy’s evilness, but are you familiar with the “f*ck this sh*t I’m out” song that was quickly memed? If you are, then you’ll also be left thinking the exact same thing we are: it was written about the times he simply left.

The first time Ted walked out of prison feels very much like it’s part of a comedy or badly written movie in which the writer wants the villain to escape. June 7, 1977 Bundy was at the Pitkin County Courthouse in Aspen waiting for a preliminary hearing ahead of his murder charge. 

Unsurprisingly, Ted asked to be his own lawyer and the court granted him the privilege. During a recess, Bundy was allowed to use the court’s legal library for research purposes. He was unshackled and unmonitored during his time in the library so he simply opened the window and left. It would take 6 days before he was found.

The second time Bundy spent six months in jail accruing money from Carole and plotting his escape. He was able to obtain a detailed plan of Garfield Country Jail as well as a hacksaw from an inmate. Next, he began losing weight.

When the time was right, a 35-pound lighter Bundy slipped through a hole he carved into the ceiling of his cell. Once out, he stole a jailer’s clothing and walked out the front door of the prison. Yes, you read that right: he walked out the front door.

7. “Factor X” made him do it

Factor Ted Bundy

Be honest with us: is this one really all that surprising? So many serial killers revert back to “the devil made me do it” when asked what prompted the killings. However for serial killers Ted Bundy and Edmund Kemper, they refer more to the “devil’ as an evil being rather than the devil himself.

Ted Bundy refers to the evil driving force within him as a “dark stranger” hovering nearby. The force was especially prevelant right before Bundy carried out his murders. The entity never really felt satisfied but it at least felt somewhat quelled after a murder. Bundy nicknamed the entity “Factor X.”

The night before his death in one last interview, Bundy would try to blame both pornography and the demon for his dark path. Both spurred him equally Bundy maintains, but in the interview he seems to put more blame on pornography and his addiction to it.

8. Bundy considered suicide

Bundy considered suicide

When talking to an interviewer shortly before his scheduled execution, Bundy confessed that he was considering killing himself. He told the interviewer, “I won’t let them take me to the chair.” Obviously he went, but what changed his mind?

In the Netflix docu-series Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, it is revealed that Ted Bundy became a born again Christian. We know, it’s completely cringe but keep reading. The interviewer reminded Bundy of his conversion to Christianity and asked him what God’s stance was on suicide. Bundy nodded and told the interviewer that he go to the chair without hassle, but was afraid. The man told Bundy that his right leg and head would be shaved, he’d be strapped in, they would then put a bag over his head and it would all be over soon.

We don’t know why Bundy was so concerned about God’s judgment regarding suicide when honestly that would have been the least of his crimes that he would have been judged for.

9. There is speculation that Bundy’s executioner was female

Bundy’s executioner was female

With the release of Netflix’s docu-series featuring the notorious Ted Bundy, a lot of theories and conspiracies have begun cropping up. While they range from the mundane Ted was actually criminally insane to the wild Bundy was actually possessed by the devil himself, the Internet has been having a field day with them.

One of the more interesting ones that we found that could also be true, is the theory that Bundy’s executioner was actually a female. It’s supposedly hinted at in the docu-series but there is no hard evidence of it. However, there is no evidence that support that it wasn’t a female either.

The executioner was selected from a list of applicants that the state had been using since it for executioners in 1976. This was when the death penalty was reinstated. Jon Peck who is a spokesman for Governor Bob Martinez said that he didn’t know the identity of Bundy’s executioner, which isn’t that unusual. He did go on to add that it very well could have been a woman.

10. The infamous Bundy Volkswagen Beetle is on display in a museum

Bundy Volkswagen Beetle

For those who want to get “up close and personal” regarding Ted Bundy can visit the infamous Volkswagen Beetle that Bundy used to lure victims and transport bodies. You’ll have to make a trip to Washington D.C.’s National Museum of Crime and Punishment though if you want to see it.

The Beetle first arrived at the museum in 2010 and since then, curious individuals have flocked to the museum to get a glimpse at the murder mobile. A retired D.C. police officer refers to the vehicle as “like a death wagon” and the statement is fairly accurate in our opinion.

But how did the museum get “lucky” enough to obtain the vehicle? Apparently it was originally in Arthur Nash’s personal collection before he gifted it to the museum. Nash also owns serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s box of clown paint. Supposedly his “murderabilia” is worth millions though we don’t know how much the museum paid for Bundy’s car.

Remembering the victims


Normally we end our articles by asking for your thoughts on the piece. While we would absolutely love to know what you found the most surprising on our list and if you’re on the Bundy bandwagon like the rest of us, we would also like to take a moment to remember Bundy’s victims. Above are the known victims along with their names and we highly encourage you to look them up and learn more about them. After all, they were someone’s daughter, sister, mother, or loved one.

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on

Written by Vimal Lalani

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on


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