7 of the Best Vacation Destinations for Singles

8 of the Best Vacation Destinations for Singles

While vacations used to be a family event or in the very least, a romantic escape for couples, solo vacations have become increasingly popular over the years. While you might feel kind of weird at first packing and taking only yourself, we promise that it’s an experience that will leave you feel refreshed.

But why not invite your friends or significant other? Having more people on your vacation doesn’t necessarily equal more fun. And if you’re the kind of person who wants to do a ton of different things on your vacation, you’ll be planning them around what others want to do as well. However if you fly solo, you’ll get to spend more time enjoying the things that you want to do.

As we mentioned, the growing trend of traveling alone has really blossomed over the years and a lot of hot destination spots realize it. So now they have begun to cater to those traveling solo. Another added bonus is that a lot of destinations now offer transportation, singles activities, and safe environments that will have you feeling right at home.

1. Cruise ships

Cruise ships

Even cruises have started catering to singles with lots of activities that allow you to meet people and have fun on your own. Plus if you’re doing an excursion through the cruise ship (which we absolutely recommend doing regardless of the upcharge), you won’t have to worry about your safety.

You’ll also have a variety of destinations to choose from depending on the length of the cruise and where you’re sailing out from. This means that you can visit Jamaica, Cayman Islands, and Cozumel in seven days while floating in luxury. Worried about getting bored on the ship? Don’t be! There’s a ton of stuff to do.

Recommended activities

It can be tempting to just kick back and relax on the lido deck with a cold drink in your hand soaking up the rays. And while that’s definitely something you should do on your cruise, we also recommend taking advantage of the activities that the ship offers hourly. From trivia to movies to performances, there’s a lot to see and do.

2. Beaver Creek, Colorado

Beaver Creek, Colorado

Colorado is a must visit destination for those who love the outdoors. There are a lot of natural beauty to see and tons of activities that you can enjoy year round. So if you’re interested in skiing and need a break from work during the winter, head over for some of the best skiing in the United States. Craving a hike in the warm months of spring? Colorado has you covered!

While there are a ton of cool places to visit in Colorado, we suggest going to Beaver Creek. If you stay at the Beaver Creek Resort, you’ll have free shuttle service that can take you anywhere within the resort. Plus this resort is really close to all of the fun activities that Colorado has to offer so you’ll spend more time doing the things you enjoy and less time traveling to destinations.

Recommended activities

If you’re visiting in the winter, we highly suggest checking out the Rockies. Here you’ll find all sorts of winter activities like snowboarding, skiing, and even snowmobiling. Once you’ve hit the slopes, you can relax at the resort with a warm cup of hot chocolate in hand while you soak in the breathtaking views.

Visiting during the summer? Check out one of their many hiking trails (tons are great for solo hikers), mountain biking, or cool off in a mountain stream.

3. Grand Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman Islands

While this is definitely a great place to visit on your cruise, planning a whole vacation that involves the Grand Cayman Islands is definitely worth. You’ll be able to enjoy some of the activities featured here on your cruise, but keep in mind you have limited hours before the ship makes its way to its next destination. And trust us, once you step foot on these islands you’ll wish you had more time!

Grand Cayman is one of the most accessible and affordable destination spots so if you’re looking for beautiful waters and pristine beaches, then look no farther. This area is also one of the safest island destinations so if safety is a concern since you’ll be exploring on your own, don’t worry. Plus you can catch a taxi or public bus that will get you to your next activity fast.

Recommended activities

Stingray City is an absolute must! Grand Cayman is infamous for Stingray City where tourists can slip into the beautiful pristine waters for up close and personal encounters with these gentle creatures. Hundreds gather here and it’s truly a unique sight to see. Keep in mind that the stingrays aren’t shy; they have no problem gliding up to you or even shimmying up your back.

Snorkeling is also another must do. Under the water you’ll see a variety of colorful tropical fish, coral formations, and gorgeous plants. The visibility is incredible and even at some of its deepest you can see straight to the bottom.

4. San Diego, California

San Diego, California

San Diego is one of those gems that most people don’t know about or if they’re planning a trip to California, they opt for a different city. However, there are so many things to do and so many sights to see in this city that it’s a must. Plus, there are a lot of activities that cater to solo travelers here.

Want to relax on the beach? Hit up the Pacific Beach for some sunbathing, surfing, and warm water. After you’ve had your fill of soaking up the sun, check out the long stretches of shopping that the city has. You can also enjoy nightlife in the historic Gaslamp Quarter, go for a hike at one of the nearby state parks, or visit the San Diego zoo that features some a large variety of animals.

Recommended activities

There are so many activities here that it was hard to pick just a few. You’ll for sure want to visit La Jolla where you can see sea lions and seals up close and personal. Of course you won’t be allowed to touch them, but there are hundreds and it’s truly a sight to see.

Make sure to visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park that’s located about 30 minutes northeast of the main zoo. This is the perfect place for solo travelers and those who love animals. This 1,800-acre park is home to more than 3,500 animals that you’ll get to see in natural expanses.

5. Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

If Rome isn’t on your bucket list of must visit destinations, then we honestly don’t even know what to say. Rome is one of the most popular destinations in the world and for good reason. This historic city is full of things to do and you’re guaranteed to find something that appeals to you.

The Italian locals here often speak English and are very welcoming to newcomers so you won’t have to rely on a guide or learn the language before you visit. The bus system is also convenient and the taxis are safe so solo travelers rejoice!

Trastevere and the Spanish Steps house several convenient accommodation options that put you right in the middle of all of the activities and beauty of Rome. From here you can easily jump on a tour offered by companies like The Roman Guy. The Roman Guy offers exciting excursions that take you to the city’s ancient catacombs and other areas beneath the Colosseum for some truly memorable experiences. Being underground not your thing? The Roman Guy also offers a number of other excursions that you keep you above ground.

Recommended activities

While there are a number of things to do and see here, the Colosseum is a must. Built in around 70-72 A.D., this massive amphitheater was a gift from Emperor Vespasian of the Flavian Dynasty to the Roman people. Although time has worn down the Colosseum, the bulk of it still stands and it’s truly a sight to see.

The underground catacombs are also another must see. The winding, macabre halls aren’t for everyone; especially those who are claustrophobic or dislike being underground. Oh, you should also have some sort of affinity for skulls and bones as the catacombs have thousands. But if you’re not easily unsettled, then this winding maze is a really cool place to visit.

6. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico is another popular tourist destination right here in the United States. Like San Diego, it’s another hidden gem that most people aren’t aware of. And if you’re thinking, “what on Earth could there possibly be to do in Santa Fe, New Mexico”, the answer is simple: a ton.

Santa Fe is a cultural hub that history buffs, art enthusiasts, and clear sky lovers (the city boasts an average of 325 sunny days a year) will love this gorgeous city. The oldest capital in North America, this destination is known for its breathtaking scenery and impressive art scene. Visitors to the city can hike, ski, visit historical sights, check out a number of art galleries, and just enjoy being outside in the sunshine.

The city is also easy to traverse for solo travelers: you can navigate the city by foot, bike, or the city’s bus system. All of which are safe, so you can focus more on the sights and less on your safety.  Locals here are also very friendly and helpful so should you get lost, simply stop one and they’ll be happy to get you right back on track.

Recommended activities

If museums are your thing, then Santa Fe is your kind of city. It’s home to over 20 museums including the iconic Canyon Road’s Georgia O’Keeffe Museum which is home to a huge number of O’Keefe’s beautiful paintings.

The Loretto Chapel is another cool place to visit. Once a Roman Catholic Church, this historic site now doubles as a museum and a wedding chapel. It is also well known for its unusual helix-shaped spiral staircase that makes for some great Instagram pictures.

7. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is one of the most beautiful places that we’ve visited in the United States. Don’t believe us? Take one look at Google search results for Asheville and you will see why. Nestled in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Asheville is a small mountain town that is focused on art and scenery. Here you’ll find a variety of outdoor activities that are available year round so regardless of when you decide to visit, you’ll always find plenty to do.

Asheville is also a funky little town that houses more than 30 galleries, unique restaurants, and tons of breweries making it a great place to explore solo. So if you’re worried that you’ll grow tired of the outdoors and want to experience nightlife, then this is the city for you. And like all of the others on our list, it’s also easy to navigate with friendly locals.

Recommended activities

Anything that puts you outside in the natural beauty is a must. You can enjoy fly-fishing, kayaking, solo hiking, and even bike riding here. Regardless of which one you pick, just make sure you pick something that puts you out in nature as Asheville has some truly magnificent sites.

The Biltmore Estate is another cool attraction that’s worth checking out. This 8,000-acre property was one owned by George Vanderbilt and is now open to the public. It also boasts the title of “America’s largest home” and there’s a lot to explore here from the house itself to the endless stretches of well-groomed green grass.

Riding solo doesn’t sound so bad

While traveling solo might sound daunting at first, it becomes much more appealing once you realize that you’ll be able to do all the activities that you want to do without coordinating plans with others. This means spending more time seeing things you want to see and less time squabbling over time management. So which cities on this list have you already been to and which ones caught your interest? Do you know of any other niche places that cater to solo explorers? If so feel free to drop us a line with your opinions!

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on

Written by Vimal Lalani

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on


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