Borderlands Fans Rejoice: Borderlands 3 is on its Way!

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Borderlands game rumors have been floating around for a while that Gearbox has something Borderlands themed in the works. And arguably, this game was the worst kept secret in all of video game history. Leaks and rumors have been surfacing all over social media for some time now and the company has done little to dissuade the rumors. However, fans weren’t entirely sure exactly what was being developed; they just knew it had to be Borderlands themed.

And fans were right! Last week Gearbox made the official announcement that Borderlands 3 is on its way. This occurred at their panel at PAX East 2019. Here, they finally gave fans a little hint of what was to come. They showcased an elaborate announcer trailer for the game that left fans in awe. The colorful Borderlands 3 trailer is a brief overview of what’s to come in the game. Players saw new and returning characters, new planets, familiar areas, and a small selection of guns that will be available.

At first, the trailer was all we had to work with. It was a great trailer that showed a lot of upcoming features but it left all of us wanting more. Thankfully, Gearbox has stepped forward with a lot more information regarding the game. New details, including the game’s launch and platforms, have also been revealed alongside new screenshots and image comparisons that show the game then versus the game now.

Of course there is still a lot being left to our imaginations, but we’ll cover with you what we know so far. We also suggest heading over to YouTube to watch the official trailer that was introduced at PAX East if you haven’t seen it yet.

When will it be released and what platforms will be available on?

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While Gearbox’s panel certainly answered a lot of questions at PAX East, it left just as many unanswered. The biggest one on everyone’s minds was: when is the game coming out? Gearbox was deflected the question numerous times or shrugged it off saying they’ll give more information regarding the release date as it becomes available. Luckily for us, we only had to wait a little over a week before Gearbox gave into its fans.

Shortly after PAX, Gearbox said it would make another announcement regarding the game on April 3. As promised, they delivered. The developers formally announced that the game would launch across all platforms on September 13th. This means that Xbox One, PS4, and even PC gamers will be able to delve into Borderlands’ growing universe.

However for those who plan to purchase the game for PC, be advised that it will ONLY be available for download through the Epic Store. For those unfamiliar with Epic, it’s the growing rival to Steam. We think it’s a very bold move, pushing Steam and its platform out of the picture. After all, Steam has a large cult following and their store is where many of us go to purchase to our games. However, Gearbox is confident that not only is Epic the right choice for Borderlands 3, but that it’ll also help Epic grow as well.

Borderlands 3 will be also joining a slew of Epic exclusive titles as well: The Division 2, Control, Metro Exodus, as well as three Quantic Dream games. These are just a few of the exclusive titles held by Epic and with the addition of Borderlands, we can only expect those titles to grow.

However, Gearbox was quick to announce that the game won’t be a permanent exclusive title of Epic: “it will eventually come out on other PC stores in April 2020. However if you’re looking to pick up the game as soon as it drops, you’ll have to purchase it through Epic. Otherwise, you’re going to be waiting around 8 months to play the title,” said the publishers.

Many asked if Steam would be among these storefronts, but the developers were very ambiguous. Personally speaking, we feel like it would be a mistake to not include Steam on that list. After all, it’s one of the largest digital storefronts available currently.

What can we expect from the game?

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Another important question that came up during both announcements was, “what can we expect from the game?” Developers were quick to chime in: “everything.”

And everything is right. Borderlands 3 will continue to follow the trends of its predecessors by offering fans an insane amount of ridiculous guns. Seriously if you’ve never played the franchise before, you’ll be blown away by the amount of weapons that the devs have stuck into the game. You could honestly use a different weapon every 30 minutes of gameplay and still not go through the entire arsenal. And we’re happy to see that this will be coming back.

Of course it wouldn’t be Borderlands without your choice of vehicles to cause mayhem and wreck shop with. Many that we’re already familiar with such as the Moon Buggy and Stingray will be returning. There of course will be a number of new vehicles that will come with the game, but for now, they’re largely being kept under wraps. “Fans will love what we have in store, trust us.” As far as flying vehicles, something that nearly everyone is talking about, remains a mystery. There are  number of blogs and YouTube videos dedicated to the speculation of whether or not air vehicles will become a part of the Borderlands 3 universe but it remains a mystery for now.

You can also expect the role-playing style storyline progression to remain. This is one of the things that defines and separates the game from others in the genre. “We wanted to great an RPG where people actually felt like they were a part of the world; like they actually felt as if they were their character. So many times in games you still see yourself as a separate entity from your character. With Borderlands, it’s different; you and your character are the same person. And of course we’re going to continue the storyline. Fans love the story of Borderlands and progressing through the line as they go. We wanted to make sure that this key feature stayed,” the developers said.

It’s more than just a revamped edition

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Many fans were concerned that it was just going to be the same title, same story, but with better graphics. “I don’t want to drop $60 on a title I’ve already played through and own just for some better rendering,” said many fans.

And luckily for them and us, the game is going to sport a ton of new features that will draw both returning, veteran fans as well as newcomers into the game. Those that are new to the franchise will be able to dive headfirst into the beautifully rendered, captivating game while those that are returning to the series will find both new and old elements to rope them back in.

In addition to many memorable features coming back, the game is also introducing a plethora of new content as well. There will be four new playable characters for fans to choose from when deciding who to play. The image above is a Borderlands 3 leak of the four new characters and thanks to some dedicated folks, we now know more about them.

Moving from left to right, there’s the Siren, the Beastmaster, the Gunner, and last but not least the Assassin. The Beastmaster is completely new to the Borderlands universe. Like the name implies, he’s able to control various beasts in the game. Fans also learned that the Beastmaster is an android called Flak.

However, the Beastmaster isn’t the only new class in the game either. The Gunner is something that hasn’t existed in the realm until now. According to leaks, this badass will ride a mechanical bear into battle and we honestly can’t wait to get our hands on her.

As for the others, it’s not really a surprise since they’ve been in other Borderlands titles. However, they have been altered slightly to make them “fresh.” Those that choose Siren will primarily deal with melee weaponry and hand to hand combat. As far as those who choose the Assassin route, be prepared to have your choice of gadgets that will help you in battle.

In addition to the new characters, players will also be able to participate in what the developers are calling “seamless” co-op play. “So many times in co-op games it’s difficult to journey through the storyline together and the second person almost always feels left out. They often feel like just a side character that’s helping the main character progress through his or her storyline without getting much in return. We wanted to get rid of this. We want our audiences to feel that they’re equally important and just as involved as player one. There won’t be any choppiness to the co-op play either; it’ll all flow smoothly.” And honestly devs? We’re so on board with this. It sucks being the side character!

There will also be new worlds that fans will enjoy exploring. Pandora of course will remain, but you won’t be limited to just it as you have been in the past. Currently there isn’t any available information or theories regarding the planets (if you find any, please let us know in the comment section below so we can update this article).

“This is just the tip of the iceberg though as far as what we have planned for the game. Fans are going to lose their sh!t when they see all the features we have in store for them. Seriously, you guys are going to love it! We can’t reveal all of our secrets but trust us that it’s going to be good,” teased the devs. Thanks for hyping us up even more! Now we really can’t wait to play it.

Oh and there’s also going to be some hot new box art. Because it wouldn’t be a Borderlands title without some killer art.

Things we hope to see in the remastered version

borderlands 3 2019

Of course this is just a “personally” speaking list, but we’re sure that many fans will agree with the items we have listed. And as usual, if you have anything that you’d like to see make its way into this remastered version, feel free to let us know in the comment section below. In our excitement, we probably glossed over a lot of things!

Flying vehicles

Since we’re going to be visiting new planets and worlds, it makes sense that flying vehicles would make an appearance and to be honest, it’s something all of us fans have wanted ever since the game’s initial launch. According to leaks, flying vehicles will in fact be in the new game but it’s yet to be confirmed by the devs. All we can do is wait until the game’s release to see whether or not we will be having some truly epic air battles.

The 3rd Act

During “The Evening at Gearbox” fans were devastated to learn that an entire act had been cut out of the first game. Why it was cut remains a mystery; developers have never confirmed or denied if it was a content issue or a time length issue. However, it does remain a fact that there’s a chunk missing from the game. Many fans feel like Borderlands 3 would be a good time to resurrect the missing act.

Handsome Jack come back!

It’s no secret that Handsome Jack has a cult like following. Of course there are those that absolutely hate the character and want him to be nothing more than a distant memory. However for us, we’d love to see him return in the remastered version. It would be nice to see a familiar smiling face. Rumors are circulating around that he is one of the characters that will be returning to the remastered version, but it remains unconfirmed by the devs.

The ageing of characters

Even though this is a remastered version, we’d like to see some of the characters as they’ve aged and evolved; particularly Tiny Tina. By now, she should be an adult and we’d love to see how she’s both aged and progressed. Of course we know this is definitely a point of contention for many as they want to see the original characters and reconnect with them as they remember, but we think it would be neat to see them as they’ve changed.

Are you excited for Borderlands 3?

We want to start off by asking the obvious: are you excited for the game? We also want to know whether you’re a veteran player of the franchise or somebody who’s new coming into the strange, marvelous world of this title. We’re also curious as to what you’d like to see from the game. Do you agree with the things we listed above that we’d like to see? Why or why not? Do you have your own suggestions of things that you would like to see implemented into the game? Let us know in the comment section below!

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on

Written by Vimal Lalani

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on

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