10 of The Most Outrageously Expensive Items Ever Sold on eBay

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eBay sold some unbelievable expensive items. We live in a digital world where everything imaginable is available at the click of a button. You don’t even have to leave your house or change out of your pajamas to get everything you need and probably a lot you don’t. Companies like Wish, eBay, Amazon and almost every brick and mortar store have a website where you can order products. Some even go as far as to host “exclusive web deals” that you won’t find in stores. We’re looking at you Urban Outfitters. For better and for worse, online shopping has changed our lives. A lot of stores can no longer compete and have closed down. While a lot of them have moved to online only, some like PayLess have completely closed for good. “We can’t compete with the online retail market. People don’t want to come to a physical store anymore and can you blame them? You can order anything you want from your house,” some of the companies have said.

With that in mind, online shopping saw a huge influx back in 1995 when global auction site giant eBay entered the game. Since its induction, more than 3 billion items have been sold worldwide through their site. It still remains one of the most popular sites to buy and sell things online. While a lot of people use the website for mundane purchases such as clothing, baby items, etc. there are some very interesting things that have been listed. EBay has definitely seen its share of the weird things including bottled mountain air, celebrity napkins, rare artifacts, cars, and even the meaning of life have been posted for sale. While none of this comes as a surprise since most of it probably sits unsold, there is a long and ever growing list of extraordinarily expensive items that have been listed… And sold.

Let’s take a look at the 10 most expensive items that have ever graced eBay’s website and been sold:

10. Zagami Martian Meteorite- $450,000

Zagami martian meteorite is sitting on table

We’re starting the list off at nearly half a grand. And with that kind of price tag you’d expect something that looks a little more interesting, right? Given the title and the origin, we expected the Zagami Martian Meteorite to look a little more otherworldly and neat. However, it looks just like a rock to us… A very expensive rock. But we’re fairly certain that if somebody presented us something like this, we’d assume it was just an average rock dug up out of their backyard. And now we’re wondering how many goldmines we’ve passed up.

But what exactly is this rock and what makes it so special? Well, it’s actually a piece of Mars. It was knocked free by an asteroid and somehow found its way to Earth. There are 60,000 plus different meteorite pieces, but of that number only 135 come from Mars. Thus, the high price tag.

9. 2016 Lamborghini Aventador- $659,800

Red 2016 Lamborghini Aventador sitting in garage

The idea of purchasing a luxury sports car online, especially one that boasts this sizeable price tag, seems kind of iffy. Personally speaking, before we shelled out that kind of cash on a vehicle (or anything) we’d want to see it in person. However for the person who now owns this Lambo, he/she went in relatively blind aside from the pictures, clicked buy, and hoped for the best. Luckily, they got exactly what they purchased. And good for them! Because we’ve heard horror stories of people buying expensive cars on eBay and receiving toy vehicles and Hot Wheels instead.

While cars are often sold on eBay, most aren’t a Lamborghini Aventador. And also according to the website, this is currently the most expensive car ever sold on their website. We’re definitely sure that the record will be beat at some point, but for now this buyer is the proud owner of a luxe sports car and an eBay record.

8. Vintage Sun Maid Raisin Box- $700,000

Sun Maid raising red box

Chances are you’re familiar with this tasty packaged snack. You’re probably familiar with the price of them too at your local grocery store. Personally speaking, we pick these up in my household as a cheap and easy to transport snack. That’s why whenever we were putting this list together, we had to stop for a moment and triple check our sources. After all the raisin boxes are under $5 for several, but someone actually paid $700,000 for a box of raisins??

While many vintage items come with a sizeable price tag attached, this one blows our minds. The vintage Sun Maid raisins box from the 1950s shocked both eBay and people worldwide when it sold for such a hefty amount. While the price of some antiques make sense, this one definitely takes us by surprise. Hopefully the box was at least empty! We don’t want to think about what raisins look like after nearly 60 years of sitting in a box.

7. Navy F/A-18A Hornet- $1,075,000

F/A-18A Navy fighter jet about to take off

Here’s another mind blowing price and item: a Navy plane, specifically the F/A-18A Hornet. We’ve got so many questions regarding this purchase, but the two we really want the answers to are:

1. How did the seller get this plane in the beginning? Did they retire from the Air Force and were gifted the plane? Did the government sell them the plane and they want to resell it? How did they get their hands on this? Far as we knew the government keeps these kinds of things.

2. What is the buyer going to use it for? Is it legal to own? Where are they going to keep it stored? Can they fly it? Is it legal to fly?

The questions are never endless regarding this purchase. Please send help!

6. Honus Wagner Baseball Card- $1,200,000

Honus wagner old baseball card

Pretty shocking that a baseball card can sell for more than a plane, but here we are. It’s no secret that baseball cards can have some serious value, but the fortune attached to this one is pretty staggering. It’s surprising too given the fact that Honus Wagner is arguably not one of the more popular baseball players. However, his cards hold the record for being the most expensive cards in history.

Also, this isn’t even the most expensive Honus Wagner card sold; the most expensive one sold for over $3 million. We’ll consider that a definite home run for this baseball player value wise.

5. Titan 1 Nuclear Missile Base- $1,500,000

Titan 1 nuclear missile base look stunning during the daylight

So while this one hasn’t sold just yet, there have been some bids and some buyers that have backed out last minute. So if you’re looking for a pretty slick military base to live out the rest of your life should the apocalypse hit, then head over to eBay and snag this one before someone else does! Seriously, this has Doomsday Prepper written all over it.

So what do you get for $1,500,000? You’ll get a 57-acre retired air force base. The base features 16 underground structures all ready for you to move you and your family and friends in. You’ll also get access to equipment buildings, control spaces, and even missile silos. However, you might be disappointed to learn that the purchase doesn’t come with any nuclear missiles. Sorry!

4. Vintage Metal Lunchbox Collection- $1,700,000

Vintage lunchbox collection is in the kitchen

You might be asking yourself what could possible be more expensive than an entire military base and you might be surprised to learn that it’s a vintage metal lunchbox collection. Yes, that’s right. A collection of metal lunchboxes sold for more than an entire military base and more than an ex Navy airplane.

Once again, antiques and vintage items often come with a high price tag, but we’re blown away with how much this collection of metal lunchboxes sold for. According to eBay, the collection featured a wide variety of characters from both comic books and television shows that have aired over the years. The collection was in pristine condition and featured notable characters like the A-Team, Superman, Underdog, and of course Scooby Doo. You have to either really love lunchboxes or vintage items to shell out that kind of money though! But who are we to judge? We’re sure that you’ll be the envy of your office at lunch.

3. Albert Einstein’s Letter to God- $3,000,000

Albert Einstein's sitting think about new ideas

Albert Einstein is a household name and it’s no surprise that something relevant to him would sell for so much. What’s unusual though is the item itself. On January 3, 1954 the German scientist wrote a letter to God that would later become incredibly famous (and valuable). It was address to the Choose Life: The Biblical Call to Revolt author Eric Gutkind who featured it in his book.

How it ended up in someone’s hands and on eBay is anyone’s guess; it’s hard to imagine this kind of valuable item floating around someone’s attic like an old quilt or photo album. However, for whatever reason it ended up on the global bidding giant and now someone is the proud owner of a handwritten Einstein letter.

2. Action Comics #1- $3,200,000

young men holding old action comics book from 1938

It’s hard to imagine something being more valuable than a hand written letter from Albert Einstein, but apparently the first issue of Action Comics is worth more. Not by much considering the already staggering price (there’s a $200,000 difference), but nonetheless it was valued higher than the letter.

It should also come as no surprise that the first issue of Action Comics, which was in pristine condition, sold for so much. Comics tend to accrue a lot of value over the years; especially if they’re well cared for. While this comic won’t take the cake as the most expensive one ever sold, it’s still a staggering amount. In 1938, a comic was printed that featured Superman for the first time ever and so far it’s the most expensive comic book that has ever been sold.

1. Crypt above Marilyn Monroe- $4,600,000

Marilyn monroe crypt slot was hanging on the door.

Okay, so this one shocked us and yes you’re reading that correctly: the most expensive item ever sold on eBay was a crypt slot above famed Marilyn Monroe. Elsie and Richard Poncher owned the slot. The pair were well off; even making cars for infamous Al Capone. Because of their lifestyle they often rubbed shoulders with celebs and one of those that they brushed against was Dimaggio, Monroe’s ex. They decided then that they would purchase the crypt slot above Marilyn Monroe.

What persuaded them to purchase it is up for debate, but once Richard Poncher became sick, he told Elsie that if she didn’t bury him face down above Marilyn Monroe, he would haunt her for the rest of her life. It was a very strange request but when Richard passed, Elsie fulfilled her late husband’s wish and he was placed upside down in the crypt slot.

So if someone is currently occupying it, why did it go up for sale? Well according to Elsie Poncher, she decided to put her late husband’s slot up for sale because of money problems. Specifically, she was trying to pay off the mortgage of their home in Beverly Hills. However, there’s a something out there for everyone and the crypt slot was scooped up by a buyer for a staggering $4.6 million. How they’ll divvy up the slot is up in the air and while we’re curious, we’re not sure that we want to know that badly.

What are your thoughts?

We’d like to know what you think of the items on this list. Were you shocked by what people bought and the prices? Which one shocked you the most? We also want to know what you think about the values placed on these items. Do you feel that a crypt slot should be worth more than an Albert Einstein letter or do you feel like a military base is the most valuable? Let us know in the comment section below and share with your eBay addicted friends!

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on

Written by Vimal Lalani

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on


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