Everyday’s Question —-What to Wear??? Here Is the Practical Answer

What to Wear?

What to wear and how to style!?” It is a very common situation in which people get stuck every day in deciding what they should be wearing for the day and how they should style. People think that to keep up with the current trend in fashion, they need to buy several clothes, which go in accordance with the latest trends. However, this is not practical.

Fashion is not something, which we got ready made. However, it is something, which we make. We set up the trends and styles. Some ‘basic things’ should be accommodated in one’s wardrobe. The ‘basic things’ or ‘wardrobe essentials’ are the clothes or accessories which are a must component of the wardrobe. You can couple these clothes or footwear differently every time, and you will never have to repeat the same set of clothes any time in the future. You can try a set of a dress with different accessories, jewelry or footwear and wear it in a different style always. You will always be ahead in fashion than the others by using this strategy.

So let us get started. Here are some wardrobes essentials, which will never let your expectations, go down.

The perfect outfit

When it comes to outfitting, here are some clothes, which should be there in everyone’s wardrobe because you can style and wear these clothes in a number of ways to be worn on different occasions.

1.    The Savior- White Shirt

White shirt has always been a savior. You can style the white shirt in a number of ways and you are ready to rock the occasion. A white shirt worn formally and tucked in the jeans will always be a good option for a meeting or for an interview. Moreover, a belt will increase the formal look. Furthermore, the white shirt can be lowered from the shoulders and it will act as a down shoulder top. Compliment the look with a choker or oxidized jewelry and you are all ready to shine in the party or a function. Along with this, you can also wear a white shirt with a pair of pants or jeans for a college look.

2.    To carry from day to night- Camisole

When you have propagandas running from day to night, you cannot wear the same outfit throughout the day at all the places. In such a situation, camisoles are always a help. During the day, you can wear the camisoles with a contrasting Tee for a casual look. This look can be carried for college or even office. On the other hand, during the night, you can style your camisole with a jacket and you are set for a disco night, party or clubbing. Furthermore, a pair of high heels will do the needful.

3.    The basic black or white T-shirt

A basic black or white T-Shirt will always be a great choice. The t-shirt worn with a pair of ripped jeans or trousers can be worn when you are going for an outing with friends and also, to the market or even while traveling. The look will be basic yet stylish. Also, you can wear a black t-shirt with a pair of mom-jeans or basic types of denim and the look can be carried to college or for work. A pair of boots can be added to enhance the style. Along with this, you can also style a shrug on the black or white t-shirt, which will complement the look.

4.    Denim is always classic

A good pair of jeans is one of the basic things one should have in their wardrobe. Denim never runs out of fashion. They are always classic and trending. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a good pair of jeans always as they can be worn anywhere and everywhere. Denim is sturdy and they will always be your company for years to come. You can wear the same denim again and again –each time with a different top/tee/ shirts and footwear and a new look will be invented every time. Moreover, there is also an option of ripped denim or high waist denim.

5.    A jacket always

A jacket always makes the dull look of the simple outfit fly away. A person always looks nice and cool in a jacket. Simple denim jacket or with some appliqué patches will always look attractive and interesting. It can be worn on trekking, camping, picnic, while hanging out with friends, and going to the market. In addition, a leather jacket is also a forever option. Leather jackets enhance the personality and make the person look stunning when coupled with a set of black heels.

6.    Sexy Black Dress

Get a bodycon, skater, flare or any midi dress of black color. It will always be trending for ages to come. The black dress, when accompanied with a pair of heels or bellies, will give the most outstanding look. In addition, to enhance the look of the outfit, simple stud diamond earrings or any other earrings can be worn. The black dress is an ideal outfit for formal dinners, meetings, night outs, day out, parties and late night events.

7.    Midi skirt for both casual and formal look

A midi skirt can be worn to the office, for meetings, interviews, and formal dinners. Midi-skirt worn with a shirt or tank top gives a formal look. In addition, the same midi-skirt when worn with a down-shoulder top, crop top or camisoles gives a party-wear look. This combination can be worn for parties, functions, and clubs.

8.    Style modestly with a Saree

A saree can be worn on multiple occasions. A simple saree can be work for work. Furthermore, a saree will create a different look for a family function or program. A saree worn to marriage or reception will do the needful to make you look pretty. Along with this, saree can be draped like a skirt and it can be worn with some top. Furthermore, there are several ways to wear a saree. It can be worn with an ethnic coat to give it a different look. In addition, a saree can be worn with a shirt and heavy jewelry or ethnic chokers will beautify the look.

9.    Versatile Black ankle pants or trousers

Black Ankle pants or trousers are versatile as they can be worn wherever we want and they suit all the types of tops and tees. The black ankle pants give a rich and stylish look. Moreover, they can be worn for official purposes such as meetings, formal dinner or lunch, meetings, and interview. Along with this, the pants can also worn for casual meetings such as parties, dinner or lunch dates, clubbing, and outing. Similarly, the trousers can be worn for the same reasons. In addition to this, trousers can also be worn for trekking and going for picnics.

10.    A trench coat for a classic statement

A trench coat can be worn in a number of ways. You can wear just the trench coat with boots to give a stylish look or else, you can wear it on pants with a top and the buttons open.

11.    Blazer, which flatters the figure

The blazer, which compliments your figure, is a must-have. The blazer which fits you right will give you the most decent and stylish look for formal meetings and events. Also, with the right pair of heels, you can wear your blazer for formal parties.

12.    A simple kurta to save the day

There can be days when you do not have anything to wear or you want to dress simply. In such a situation, a kurta will save the day. A simple kurta worn for office or college will give a different look. Along with this, you can also dress in a plain kurta for a meeting or an interview. It will create a unique impression of you as your clothes have a hand in manifesting your personality. In addition, you can dress in some ethnic and kurta, which has heavy work done on it for a wedding or family function. The look can be enhanced with some danglers and bangles.

Accessories for the day

Compliment the look with some accessories or jewelry. Jewelry and accessories make the outfit look interesting and appealing and along with this, they jazz up the outfit. In addition, they add sophistication to the outfit. Therefore, one should carry accessories or wear jewelry, which complements the outfit. Given below are some compliments to your outfit.

13.    Add beauty with a Scarf or stole

A scarf or stole is always helpful in enhancing the look of a simple outfit. Also, the beauty of the outfit increases by wearing a stole or scarf.  In addition, you can experiment in a number of ways of wearing a scarf. A scarf worn with a simple tee, kurta or dress will make the outfit appear pretty.

14.    Invest in jewelry   

Jewelry is one of the essentials in one’s collection. Jewelry leaves no credit in making you look gorgeous and stunning. The outfits coupled with the right kind of jewelry will make you look awestruck. But always keep in mind, not to carry more than what gives a decent look. This implies that do not over stuff you with jewelry. 

15.    A black handbag for a standard look

A black handbag or sling bag will always enhance the standards of your look. It will make you appear classy and sophisticated. Moreover, the color black is advisable because the color goes with all the other color.

16.    Belt for sophistication

Belts add classic look and sophistication to the look. Also, the dresses look more beautiful when they are worn with a stylish belt. Furthermore, when you have an interview, formal meeting or you have to go to the office, belts are necessary as they make your appearance look formal.

17.    Black tights for style

You can give your skirt or dress a different look by wearing tights. There are different kinds of beautiful sheer and classic net tights available from which you can select the one, which suits your outfit. Along with this, you can style your net tights under your ripped denim. This gives a cool, and a funky look.

Pop up the beat with footwear

Not to forget the footwear. An outfit is not complete without a perfect pair of footwear. There are three basic footwears, which one should have – a pair of tie-up detailing shoes, black heels, and a pair of sneakers.

18.    Heat the beat with Black heels

A pair of Black heels is one of the most important requirements of a wardrobe. A wardrobe remains incomplete without a pair of black heels, which makes their own statement. The black heels go with all the outfits. They can be worn at a party, functions, receptions, meetings, dates, formal or informal dinners and lunch, clubs, and other places. Thus, black heels will never disappoint you.

19.    The trending tie-up detailing shoes

The tie-up detailing shoes are trending nowadays. The tie-up detailing shoes are versatile as they can be worn anywhere and on any outfit. You can use these tie-up detailing shoes in party, functions, college, office, and many other places. Furthermore, the shoes can be worn under a mini skirt, shorts, midi dress, maxi, pencil skirt, and other outfits. Along with this, the tie-up shoes can be worn in the place of boots when you do not have boots. The mustard, beige, and black color of the tie-up detailing shoes will go in accordance with all the outfits.

20.    Sneakers

Heels can be worn on a daily basis, but your feet will demand to take a day off from them. Also, they cannot be worn while trekking, picnics and running. Therefore, sneakers also become a necessity in one’s wardrobe. Sneakers are comfortable and you feel free wearing them. Also, they can be worn with skaters, midi, skirts, under denim and shorts for office, meetings, colleges, and other places. The right pair of party-wear sneakers, which match the outfit can also be worn at parties and clubs.

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on

Written by Vimal Lalani

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on


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