How to lose your body weight in 2 simple ways

lose your body weight

Being overweight is often a big nuisance to the people in such situations. Well, a bunch of misconceptions revolves around the subject. There is a popular belief that a big body is an impression of wealth or socially doing fine. The assumptions are largely misleading even though it may contain some traces of truth. Some people get fat because they have little or nothing to worry about and the best they can do is staying friends with food. This group ensures that they have the longest interaction and quality time with food disregarding the detrimental health package they can receive in return.

Excess uncontrolled diet can make one develop those fats you don’t want to accumulate in your system; they will get you real big! Two things should be clear here, some people are naturally gigantic not because they eat a lot, but it is their inherent physique. Such people usually have a proportional body in their towering appearance. The worry is with the petit individuals, and the plus sizes who continue growing bigger becoming disproportionate due to poor dieting. You don’t want to carry the added weight that will cost you the price of a rollercoaster to shelve off, do you?

Well, if you need something, you go for it, and the days of manna are far gone. Besides, rewards only come after work. Why are we saying these? We can’t afford to lie in matters health! Why advice you on easy ways that will not be fruitful in the end? Let’s face it; weight gain is about two things, uncontrolled dieting, and failure to exercise. Understanding the two is a step to resolving the problem. Therefore, if you mean to cut out some pounds off your body, monitor your diet, and exercise. The two are the safest natural methods that will not have long term health complications to your body. Below are the two approaches in details.

Watching your diet

Physical exercise

You probably know that excessive enthusiasm and attachment to foods especially the junks ones will add some fats to your system. It is therefore important to realize that at the pinnacle of losing weight monitoring what you eat is a step to achieving your objectives. So how do you achieve recommended dieting trends? Here are the tricks:

Consult with a nutritionist.

Consult with a nutritionist

This is an instrumental step to weight loss. You obviously don’t understand the content composition of your diets because you are not a professional at it. You decide to go your way, you’ll probably repeat the cycles that brought you to the current situation, and worst of it, it will take you decades to realize the mistakes. The bad news is you will either give up or start it all over again from step one!

It is not advisable to select you diets when you are not a professional at it because you can as well deny your system some important constituents that can render you malnourished. A nutritionist will, therefore, play a pivotal role examining your current body conditions and advise on the Dos and Don’ts and make the correct recommendations on a diet. Some popular recommendation by nutritionists include;

Observe mealtimes.

Observe mealtimes

On average people should have at least 2-3 meals a day; breakfast, lunch, and supper? The meal times are uniformly distributed throughout the day. Keeping the times is vital towards weight loss.

Take the recommended food proportions.

Take the recommended food proportions

This is where the role of your nutritionist comes in. A balanced diet must comprise of vitamins, proteins, and carbohydrates in balanced proportions. Depending on your situation your nutritionist will advise on the quantities to take during each meal segment. Some important dietary routines are as listed below.

You need a lot of fresh water – Water is important in keeping your body hydrated and help in the process of metabolism. It helps in excretion of toxins through the skin to keep your body healthy and skin shine. On average it is advisable to take at least eight glasses of water a day.

Add fruits and vegetables to your diet – You should have a couple of raw fruits or fresh juice. Having raw fruits is much better than the processed ones as they do not have chemical additives. Fruits and vegetables are formidable sources of vitamins. They contain essential nutrients important for the protection of the body against diseases and hasten the process of digestion so that the elements of food causing the excess fats are eliminated faster from the body.

Take white meat instead of the red meat – The white meat have low-fat contents and do not expose the body to risks acquiring of excess fats. Some of the white meat include fish, pork, chicken and other birds. The content of these lean meat is less harmful to the body because they have little cholesterol but contain lots of proteins needed by the body.

Stop taking junk foods – junk dishes limit your chances of restoring your natural shape and size. The fast foods like burgers, fries and the flavored beverages are health hazards as they largely contribute to weight gain. Chances of sliming are minimal when snacking in such dishes and must be avoided at all cost by anyone geared towards cutting down on fat.

Engage in physical exercises

Engage in physical exercises

This is an important aspect of weight loss that most people would not tell you because you also don’t want to hear about it. No one wants to go the hard way right? Here is the secret, exercising works miracles. Exercising moderately or rigorously will always have a positive impact towards weight loss. The more one is determined in the activities, the faster they burn the excess calories in them. Despite being challenging the approach is the best among other weight loss techniques. Besides, it may only be a tall order in the beginning, but once on the go, you will find yourself naturally engaging in the activities as it is more than relieving and fun.

You can decide to do the exercises at home or with the help of a professional. Professional assistance comes with more leverage because they know the particular types of exercises designed for particular body parts. Also, they know the perfect timing for the activities so that you don’t exceed your limits and cause more harm to yourself.

There are lots of relevant online videos and content that can also direct one of the best methods, strategies, and styles of exercising. You must always note that once you have picked on exercising, persistence is key! The more you engage in the physical activities, the sooner you get closer to slimming edge, and it is worth the shot because the result is just wow in short time spans.

The most important factor in exercising is the will and persistence. One underlying fact is that physical exercise is a sure way to weight loss. As much as most people close their ears to exercising, it is overwhelmingly beneficial. The effort comes with lots of good to the persons, and you can find yourself a lifetime enthusiast of the endeavor, and look, you will stay stronger, active, faster, healthier and younger the rest of your lifetime.

Disadvantages of excess body weight

The unnecessary fats in the body bring more harm than good to your health. There are innumerable cons to pros when you grow fatter. Some of these disadvantages are as listed here:

• Developing difficulty while breathing

• Carrying your own body becomes a problem.

• Prevalence of heart diseases

• You are likely to die prematurely

• Your life begins to deteriorate as you cannot rely on yourself anymore

• Prevalent back pains

• Battling depression

• Loss of respect and possible rejection by mates

• The possibility of surgeries and joint replacements

• Excess perspiration and weird body odor

• Tying your shoes become impossible, and seats in social amenities will be no longer sufficiently spacious

• Possible development of cancer

• Vulnerability to attack by diseases like diabetes

The mentioned are just a few reasons why you may want to distance yourself from growing fatter. The list is endless, and all of them do not seem to be a prospective gift package to celebrate, do they?

Advantages of weight loss

Retaining the natural body and shape has a range of benefits to the owner. They largely attribute to the healthy living of an individual and improved personal livability standards. Some of the benefits of assuming natural body size include:

• Limited chances of heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and healthy body organs

• Increased agility, the enthusiasm, and vigor to live and effortlessly attend to your duties

• Breathing, perspiration and other body functions are perfectly coordinated

• Improved confidence, fitting your clothing, sound relationships with friends and family, no depressions and command respect and honor in social and official settings

• No surgeries for joint replacements or extraction of excess fats.

• Of course, you die at the prime age with no past health complications such as pains and frequent body failures.

Optimum body weight is an impression of good health. You will, therefore, probably have the best sex life with a considerably active social life full of fun. Maintaining an optimum body weight is the choice of an individual especially when the extra size is not an inherent gene in your system. But, even the naturally oversized people can seek medical assistance to maintain their weight and posture, failure to which, expect to experience some difficulty in the future.

Following the presented issues in this read have worked wonders for the majority of people in their effort to weight loss, and surprisingly they are very simple procedures; watching your diet and exercising regularly. Trying the two is a sure way to reducing that excess weight you can’t afford to have.

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on

Written by Vimal Lalani

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on


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