Our Favorite Fashion Finds

Our Favorite Fashion Finds

Wish is one of those notorious websites that has people split down the middle about it. Some praise the site as a place to find good items for a fraction of the price of competitive stores while others think it’s a cheap waste of time. In other words, you’re throwing away a couple of bucks on something that won’t fit or will break after a couple of uses. However, there are a few things that both sides of the argument can agree on: shipping takes forever, sizes are wonky, and sometimes the quality definitely isn’t there.

However, with so many affordable products and cute images it’s tempting to order at least something even if you’re skeptical of it. And you absolutely should order from Wish! They have a number of items ranging from toys for children to women’s fashion to kitchen décor and everything in between. The tricky part is finding something that’s going to fit and is actually decent quality if you’re shopping for clothes.

Luckily for you we’ve compiled a list of our favorite fashion finds from Wish. These are purchases that we’ve actually made so we can give you the inside scoop and you can order with confidence!

1. Women’s Cutout Bandage Leggings

Women’s Cutout Bandage Leggings

Bandage leggings are one of the hottest trends around this year! You’ve probably seen girls rocking them and they’re cute for a number of occasions. They’re perfect for exercising at the gym because the sheer material allows your legs to breathe, and they also make a super cute accessory for under your skirts and dresses for date night! You can also wear them as leggings with an oversized shirt or just lounge around at home in them. In other words, they’re the must have fashion accessory!

Finding a decent pair will run you around $50 from a name brand store. You can always opt for stores like Marshall’s but we can assure you that the quality is lacking and you’ll still pay more for them than you would through Wish. We bought a pair for ourselves and after seeing how nice they were, we bought a few more to hand out as gifts this year! 


$14 with $8 standard shipping

Standard sipping means that your item will typically arrive in 1 to 2 weeks instead of the usual 4-6. The shipping is a bit higher than other sellers but to us it’s worth it.

Recommended Seller

Sandmartin. We ordered from them and were very satisfied! They have a good store rating (86% positive feedback with 9,283 ratings) and are quick to ship your item out. Plus the quality is great!! It’s comparable to the name brand stores that want twice as much for their leggings.

2. Ladies Clubwear Shorts Playsuit

Ladies Clubwear Shorts Playsuit

By now you’ve probably realized that the 90s are making a comeback. And if you haven’t, honestly where have you been? Every store has begun selling cropped neons, holographic everything, denim overalls, tattoo chokers and more. It’s almost as if 2019 is really 1999. With that in mind, we like to stay in style and keep up with the latest trends. However, denim overalls aren’t really our thing. They look good on some people but as far as we’re concerned, that doesn’t include us.

That’s why we were elated to come across this playsuit on Wish. While we probably wouldn’t wear it to the club, it’s super cute for catching lunch with the girls or a date night. It’s super soft, form fitting and hugs your curves just right. Worried about your butt hanging out? Don’t be! The shorts cover it just fine. However, if you want to show some extra skin the bottom of the shorts can be hiked or rolled up.

And yes, those are legit pockets on the suit! That’s honestly what won us over and made us order it. We originally ordered it as a swimsuit cover up but liked it so much that we’ve worn it to casual outings and gotten tons of compliments.


$11 is all you’ll play for this super cute playsuit before you factor in shipping. The seller only offers standard shipping for $7 so you’ll be waiting a few weeks for it to come in, but we promise it’s definitely worth the wait because this outfit is the!

Recommended Seller

Nihao123jk is the seller we went through. Sounds a bit like a troll name (ni hao is Chinese for “hello”) with the “jk” at the end but this seller is definitely trustworthy. They have maintained an 87% positive feedback after 21,557 ratings. Color us impressed!

3. Summer Bohemia Irregular Hem Backless Beach Dress

Summer Bohemia Irregular Hem Backless Beach Dress

This dress was built for the summer. Its soft, flowing texture and striking less is so romantic and beautiful! The dress pairs well with any number of accessories ranging from chunky necklaces to strappy sandals to combat boots. Your imagination is your limit when it comes to dressing up this dress. It can also easily double as a swimsuit cover up if you’re looking to stretch your purchase even further.

As soon as we saw this dress on Wish, we knew we just had to have it! Honestly it looked like something right off the pages of Free People and we were elated that it was way less than what they charge for their dresses. We didn’t really expect it to be that great of quality for the price, but we were blown away when it arrived.

The dress is true to color, super breezy, and fits like a dream. The material is very similar to the gauzy, flowy fabric that Free People uses and since our purchase, many people have complimented us on our “Free People dress”. Imagine their surprise when we tell them it’s from Wish!


Are you ready to have your mind blown? Well get ready because this dress is only $13! That’s right, you read that correctly: $13. Free People would easily charge anywhere from $75 to $100 for this dress. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait about 3 weeks for it to arrive because the seller only offers standard shipping ($8). But trust us, it’s worth the wait!

Recommended Seller

We purchased ours from Bi Jia who has an 82% positive feedback after 685 ratings. They’re still new to the Wish game but we can only imagine that their ratings will continue to grow if they’re pumping out quality items like this dress.

4. High Waist Women’s Mandala Print Fitness Leggings

High Waist Women’s Mandala Print Fitness Leggings

Another pair of workout leggings have made it our list and for good reason. These super cute and super comfy leggings come in a variety of fun prints that will definitely step up your yoga game. The material is lightweight, breathable, and super stretchy. If you’re expecting to sweat during your workout or have a hot yoga date planned, then these leggings are perfect! They quickly wick away sweat and allow air to penetrate your skin.

These leggings also look super cute when paired with a large oversized shirt for a relaxed, everyday look. And of course they can also double as lounge or sleep pants because of their comfort! We know we’ve said they’re comfortable a lot already, but they really are some of the most comfortable pants we’ve put on.

We were skeptical at first when ordering because a lot of yoga leggings tend to be incredibly thin or the print’s all wonky. However, we were very impressed by not only the pattern and legging quality, but also the seller’s number of pattern designs.


These leggings are only $2! Seems too good to be true but we promise they’re totally worth. There are two different shipping options so you can choose from express, which will arrive in about a week. The price for this delivery is $6-$11. You can also opt for standard that’s about 3 weeks and will cost you $5-$7. In our opinion, get the faster shipping!

Recommended seller

Yeahsecret is the seller we recommend. They have a number of quality prints and they’re very affordable. The seller also has a 95% positive feedback after 3,140 ratings so you can rest assured that you’re getting a good item.

5. Harley Quinn Tracksuit

Harley Quinn Tracksuit

Okay so admittedly this one might not be for everyone but we fell it love with it from the moment it showed up on our Wish feed and only fell deeper in love once it arrived at our door. This super cute and super comfortable set is perfect for the gym or lounging around at home. We often wear it to bed and we find that it’s the right mixture of warm but not too warm so it’s perfect for nighttime. You can also wear this out as a relaxed Harley Quinn for Halloween!

When we ordered the set, we really weren’t expecting something that great. We’ve ordered sets like this before from Wish and they’re been cheap quality to say the least. However, we were pleasantly surprised with our purchase! The pants are super comfortable and even though they’re thin, they’re definitely durable. The top was also thin, especially along the sleeves, but we didn’t feel like quality was sacrificed. If anything, it just made the tracksuit that much more comfortable.


$8 is what you’ll pay before shipping charges for this super cute tracksuit. Unfortunately, the company only offers standard shipping at $6-$7 so be prepared to wait about 4-6 weeks for your purchase to arrive!

Recommended seller

Shenzhenyudongchukejiyouxiangongsi is the seller we went through. The name is definitely a mouthful (and a long search engine string) but we felt very comfortable with this seller as they have an 86% positive feedback after 17, 7722 ratings.

6. Women Backless Beach Dress

Women Backless Beach Dress

This stunning coral dress is the perfect must have accessory for summer and spring! The beautiful color screams summer and the flowy material will have you feeling light as a feather. The style is also extremely cute and you can use it as a swimsuit cover up, date night dress, or for casual outing. The thin straps at the top are adjustable as is the back so you can alter how low the dress dips in the front and back for a sexier look.

After we purchased the gorgeous sky blue boho dress (number 3 on our list) we decided to see if there were any other great Free People knockoff finds. Lucky for us, there are a ton! We thought it was going to be difficult to sift through the results, but this beautiful coral dress caught our eye immediately. It’s very similar to a Free People dress that we’ve been ogling but at a fraction of the price. Keep in mind however, that this is one of the more expensive items on our list but when you compare it to Free People dresses that are similar in style, the savings are immaculate.


$17 is the base price of the dress. You can also expect to pay $10-$11 for express shipping (so it will arrive in a week) or $9-$10 for standard shipping which takes about 2-3 weeks. Because of the minimal difference, we highly recommend doing the express shipping.

Recommended seller

Hangzhouxikaidianzishangquyouxiangongsi is the seller we used and we apologize again for that super long name; especially if you have to manually plug it into your search bar. However, they have a 91% positive feedback after 480 ratings (so they’re still new) so if you’re worried about receiving something low quality, it won’t happen with this seller.

A Wish come true

As we’ve said before and many others before us, Wish is one of those websites where you have to be careful when treading the waters. You can easily become enraptured with the low prices and order something that wasn’t even worth the $1-$2 we spent on it. And trust us, it’s happened! That’s what inspired us to put together this lit and we hope it benefits you!

Let us know which of these items you intend to purchase and if you’ve found other gems on the website that are list worthy. We’re always looking to expand our wardrobe!

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on

Written by Vimal Lalani

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on

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