5 Romantic Escapades in South India

Romantic Escapades in South India

Romantic Places in South India is one of the most decorative parts of the world in terms of natural beauty. The serenity offered by the South Indian places is so divine that many honeymoon couples and lovers of privacy who enjoy spending the days away from the hectic schedule of the city lives in the lap of nature flock to the southern zone of the country. Thus, it is evident that a note be made of one of the 5 romantic escapades in South India that have won the hearts of the couples in both India and abroad. It is also famous as honeymoon destination in India.


Green mountain picture from Nilgiri hills in ooty, India
Photo by Satheeshkumar K, CC BY 2.0

Ooty or Udagamandalam is a beautiful hill station Tamil Nadu. Sitting atop the Nilgiri Hills, Ooty is known for the abundance of greenery that lays a soft carpet for the tourists who lay foot upon its bosom. With the enormous Nilgiri Hills sounding and protecting the homely hill station, Ooty has always been a favorite tourist destination especially among the honeymoon couples. This hill station offers the soothing view of the silvery waterfalls that end in a pool of mist to play hide and seek with the gazers. The flowing rivulets and the chirping birds that add on to this musical extravaganza lure the tourists to this spot.


clear ocean water in pondicherry in tamil nadu, india

Pondicherry is located in Tamil Nadu at present. This is the largest city and the capital of the Union Territory of Puducherry. This city has a rich historical background that dates back prior to the capture of the British in India. Some of the most significant aspects of this city are the blue sky that spreads overhead. There is something mystique about the sky with the golden rays drawing beautiful pictures on the white, fluffy cloud in that region. The aesthetic beauty existing in the city accompanied by a pure serenity draws tourists to this place occasionally. Thus, because of the astounding beauty, Pondicherry can be regarded as one of the most romantic places in south India.


beautiful green garden located at Coorg, Karnataka in india
Photo by Philip Larson, CC BY-SA 2.0

Known as the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg presents a ravishing beauty to the tourists who venture to this exotic hill station. Situated in Karnataka, Coorg is surrounded by forests that open up a wide range of flora and fauna for the excited tourists. This place is surrounded by the misty air that whispers dreams into the ears of the lovers and make their prayers come true. Thus, Coorg is visited by the honeymoon couples throughout the year. 


Water with boat house located in Aleppey, kerala in india

Aleppey is one of the most visited places in Kerala. Aleppey is famous for the backwaters that adorn the state. Ranging from the blue skies that stand witness to the famous boathouses floating across the backwaters to the lush, green surroundings that pay homage to the musical rhythm created by the migrating birds in synchronization while flying atop the golden beach, Aleppey is a paradise for the honeymoon couples. Thus, this place is considered as a paradise when it comes to romanticism in southern India. 


heaven view from the sky in munnar in india

Like the Neelakurinji flower that blooms once in every twelve years in Munnar, Munnar too keeps this extravagant beauty in mind and prepares and nurtures itself in a way that the tourists are left gawking at its unparalleled beauty. This place has one of the most unique structures called the muniyara dolmens that attract tourists from all over the world. Because of the calm and quiet scenario that adorns the beautiful environment, Munnar is one of the most visited places in South India, especially by the lovers and seekers of romanticism.

Thus, it can be perceived that South India is truly an exotic place. This region of India is divine in its own art and culture that is so enchanting that no other place in India can match its extravagant display of beauty. Enriched by one of the best ranges of flora and fauna and kissed by the facades of the sun that leaves in place in a state of tranquility, South India is definitely the perfect region for the seekers of romance.

Rohit is a true romantic. He loves to explore new possibilities. Thus, he is often seen at different remote places in India with his dear girlfriend to enjoy the ravishing beauty of the romantic escapades in India. He write his travel experience at

Written by Rohit

Rohit is a true romantic. He loves to explore new possibilities. Thus, he is often seen at different remote places in India with his dear girlfriend to enjoy the ravishing beauty of the romantic escapades in India. He write his travel experience at


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