The 10 Richest Pets in the World

Richest Pets

Ever since man and wolf discovered that they could not only coexist with each other, but also benefit from each other’s presence, dogs have had a special place in our lives. We fed them scraps from our kills and in turn, they guarded our camps. Not much has really changed other than they’re now guarding our house from the comfort of a pet bed or sofa. Of course, other pets have worked their way into our lives (we see you cats) and we love them for it. They hold a special place in our hearts and we’ve created a bond with them.

However, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just kick back and enjoy the good life instead of working a 9-5 five days a week? Oh, and you also don’t have the responsibilities of adulthood: bills, car maintenance, grocery shopping, and all the other boring tasks associated with being a person. However, you still got to enjoy the finer things in life like first class travel, vacations to exotic destinations, the finest foods, and all the pampering that your heart desires. Sound too good to be true? Well, for the animals on this list it’s reality. And we are seven kinds of jealous of the lives that these pampered pets live!

Of course, the pet parents get to live large as well. For some, the animals on the list are the breadwinners and the owners get to kick back in luxury. This means that the animal is doing all the hard work while they reap all of the rewards, but we highly doubt the pet minds! Of course for some of these pets, they were adopted by celebrities and introduced to the lifestyle of luxury with no real effort (other than looking adorable) on their part. Some are even set to inherit millions should their owner pass before them while others have already inherited their cool fortune from deceased owners.

10. Trouble

richest Malteses in the world

Before Leona Helmsley passed away, she set things up so that her beautiful Maltese Trouble would inherit an estimated $12 million after her passing. Helmsley wanted to make sure that her fur baby Trouble could continue to live in luxury after her death. After Leona Helmsley passed, the New Yorker ran a post about the real estate developer under the headline “Rich Bitch”. It was definitely a funny moniker, but given how much money Trouble was set to inherit, it was fitting.

Unfortunately a judge decreased Trouble’s inheritance to $2 million. While it’s definitely nothing to shake a stick at (sorry), we wonder how Leona Helmsley would feel about the judge’s decision. We also wonder whether or not Trouble took it laying down. Okay, sorry! We couldn’t resist that last pun. Either way, Trouble is easily one of the richest Malteses in the world.

9. Conchita

Rich Conchita Pet

Conchita is another dog who got lucky and ended up in the lap of luxury without having too work hard for it. According to her owner Miami heiress Gail Posner, Conchita is “the most spoiled and pampered dog in the entire world.”

And Gail Posner didn’t want this title to end when she passed away. She wanted to make sure that her little Chihuahua deserved to continue living the good life for the rest of her days.  

She insured that her beautiful fur child would be set for life by leaving a $3 million trust fund for Conchita. She also left her mansion to the dog as well as two other dogs that had previously called her house home. According to WSJ, the mansion is worth a staggering $8 million. Needless to say, we’re pretty sure that Conchita will continue her role as the world’s most pampered dog.

8. Tommaso

Rich Tommaso Cat

Dogs aren’t the only ones living in large and in charge; Tommaso the cat also has a really good life. At one point in his life, Tommaso was living outside eating whatever scraps he could manage to find. Lucky for him, Maria Assunta adopted in the beautiful black cat and set things in motion to assure that Tommaso would be taken care of for the rest of his life.

Maria Assunta passed at age 94 as a widow. Since she didn’t have children, she was concerned that Tommaso wouldn’t be taken care of. She then came up with idea to give her cat a “happily ever after”: leave behind her fortune in such a way that insured the cat would be fine for the rest of his life. This meant that the former stray inherited around $13 million after his owner’s passing.

Back alley scraps and shelter meals are definitely a thing of the past for this lucky cat and we couldn’t be happier for him.

7.  Toby Rimes

Rich Toby Rimes' dog

Toby Rimes’ story is definitely one of the more interesting ones on this list. For starters, nobody’s 100% sure whether or not the Poodle’s first name is “Toby” or “Tobey”. While this probably doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, it’s just one of the mysteries surrounding this spoiled pooch.

Ella Wendel, who was Toby’s owner, wanted to make sure that her dog was taken care of after her death. To insure this, she left her fortune to her poodle and never married so that there wouldn’t be an issue of Toby getting the money. Wendel also had no children, so there was no one to stand in the way of Toby’s inheritance.

The amount of money left to Rimes is certainly up for debate, but it’s definitely in the millions. According to Lisa Unleashed Website, over the last few decades millions of dollars have also been left to descendants of the Poodle. And what were the heirs’ names? Why, they were all named Toby or Tobey Rimes of course. Whether or not that’s true is also up for debate, but we’d like to believe that it’s more than just an urban legend.

6. Gunther IV

Rich Gunther IV dog

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard of Gunther IV; he’s a regular celebrity in the canine world. He’s also infamous for buying a Miami Mansion that was once owned by Madonna. Although many magazines and news sites call it a “publicity stunt” and suggest that the dog didn’t in fact purchase the house, it makes for a good story.

Websites like and Time have listed Gunther IV as being the richest dog in the history of ever. Because of this, he’s regularly featured in the news and any articles surrounding luxury pets. And because of his ability to attract the media’s attention, he’s quickly become a household name.

So how did Gunther IV become so rich? As the beloved pet of Countess Karlotta Libenstein of Germany is where his “humble” beginnings started. When she passed away, she left the estate that was worth about $80 million to her dog in 1991. Both of the previously mentioned websites suggest that investors have only grown the fortune of the years and it’s now worth $370 million.

5. Blackie

Rich Blackie Cat

Yet another black cat makes our list and we couldn’t be happier! Black cats tend to have the lowest adoption rates in shelters so it’s nice to see them getting some much-deserved love. And yes, this is a shameless plug: if you’re considering adopting a cat, why not opt for a black one?

Regarding Blackie, there are some disagreements on whether or not he’s the richest in history. The Guinness World Records gives the coveted title to Blackie while others argue over a number of other cats. Regardless of his position in the wealthy list, Blackie definitely inherited some serious cash when his owner Ben Rea passed in 1988, leaving the cat set for life.

The antiques dealer left Blackie a shocking $12.5 million at the time of his death since Blackie was the last surviving of his 15 cats. He also donated a lot of his wealth at the time of his passing to multiple cat charities. And we think Blackie would definitely be proud of his owner for doing so!

4. Gigoo

Rich Gigoo chicken

No, the above picture isn’t a mistake; number 4 of the richest pets on our list is in fact a chicken. That’s right, Gigoo is not only the richest chicken in the world, but also one of the richest pets in the world.

Gigoo inherited a lot of “bocks” (sorry once again) when British publishing tycoon Miles Blackwell passed away. Blackwell’s wife passed away in 2000 and he became concerned with what would happen to his wealth when he too passed. He decided that Gigoo would the perfect candidate to inherit his cool millions.

In 2001, just one year after his wife’s death Gigoo laid claim to $10 million thanks to his owner. However, Times argues that Gigoo would have received closer to $15 million by today’s standards. And also like Blackie’s owner, Blackwell donated a lot of his wealth to charities. A fact that we’re sure makes Gigoo very happy to know that other animals in need are being taken care of.

3. Grumpy Cat

Rich Grumply Cat's

It should come as no surprise to see Grumpy Cat’s adorably angry face on this list. After all, she’s been everywhere from the Internet to fan conventions to books to even her own movie. She’s recognizable to all ages all around the world and fans simply can’t get enough of her.  And how could they? She’s so adorable!

Tarder Sauce, or “Grumpy Cat” as she is best known, looks as if she’s permanently pissed off at the world despite the life of luxury she lives and the life she’ll continue to live should her owner pass away before her. An article published a British tabloid suggested that Grumpy Cat is worth about $100 million. However, according to USA Today and grumpy cat’s owner Tabatha Bundesen, it’s “completely inaccurate.” However, her owner will not tell us how many millions Grumpy cat has raked in.

Grumpy Cat also recently won a $710,000 lawsuit and we’re so proud of her! We’re sure the jury was swayed by her ultra serious face.

2. Chunmun

Rich Chunmum monkey

Like Gigoo, Chunmun also breaks the mold for being a wealthy pet that isn’t a cat or dog. This adorable little monkey also serves a life lesson for those who think it’s a good idea to cut ties with family members. Of course, you should still cut off toxic relationships, but maybe don’t jump the gun just because your family members have different beliefs than you.

Shabista and her husband Brajesh Srivastava told BBC that their families completely shunned them because of their interfaith (each person has a different religion) marriage. Since the two had no children, they decided to adopt a pet monkey to fill that gap in their lives. And that lucky animal was Chunmun who’s been a fun blessing to his family.

Since the couple has no children and also no ties to their family, Chunmun is set to inherit their fortune when they inevitably pass away. Chunmun will also get the property. However, the monkey will have to learn to share his wealth with his wife since the couple held a wedding ceremony for their money and a female companion in 2010. Something tells us that Chunmun won’t mind.

1. Choupette

Rich Choupette Cat

Yep- the richest pet in the world is a gorgeous cat named Choupette. Karl Lagerfeld, who’s an industry icon and fashion designer fell in love with this cat’s beautiful blue eyes and her vibrant personality. Lagefield also admitted to NY Mag that he absolutely loves his cat. Like, he really, really, REALLY loves her. He also told the magazine that Choupette made a staggering $3 million eurors off of two jobs.

Lagerfeld says that Choupette is a lot like a person, but that she’s quiet. And that’s probably a good thing considering the fact that she hates childrens and even other animals. Lagerfeld says the cat hangs out with him and his two personal maids, shying away from anyone else. The maids take turns playing with her and caring for her long, gorgeous locks. They also use beauty treatments on her eyes and keep her entertained. Lagerfeld says that’s she the center of their world and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The rich and fabulous lives of pets

After the list, we had a burning question at the front of our minds: how do the pets “spend” the money after their owners pass? After all, they need trips to the vet, food, grooming, etc. And since they can’t speak for themselves and swipe a credit card, is there a caretaker that is assigned to the pets who spends the money for them? And does the caretaker get to use any of that money for themselves or is it strictly for the pets? We seriously need to know! Now that you’ve made it throught he list, are you as insanely jealous of these pets as we are? We also want to know if you had the funds like their owners, would you leave your pets an inheritance?

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on

Written by Vimal Lalani

Vimal Lalani is senior correspondent for Ishli, Medical and Wellness unit, reporting breaking news and health consumer reporting on


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